Changing from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2019

I have four email addresses in Microsoft Outlook 2010 on my 64-bit version of Windows 10. They are kept in a single .PST file in C:\Users\BryanAdmin\Outlook Data folder.
I have downloaded and installed MailStore Home but have done no archiving.
My Outlook 2010 and at least one other part of Office 2010 is doing strange things and I intend to uninstall the whole of Office 2010 and replace it with Office 2019 for Home & Business (stand alone version) for which I have a download voucher not yet activated.
I believe my Outlook 2010 would be a 32-bit version.
Can Mail Store Home be of any help to me before I start doing all that or must I wait until Outlook 2019 is up and running ?
I am 93 years old which is not and excuse but is the reason for my lack of knowledge. Any help will be appreciated.