Change the location of my message store directory

would like to change the location of my message store as it is currently (by default?) in my documents folder in my C: drive, which, of course, starts to slow down my computer . . (How) can I change the location of the store directory to another drive?



Hi Lynda,

You posted an almost identical question just over 1 year ago.
What happened in the meantime?

Actually the location of the archive in Documents doesn’t slow down you computer,
If anything - if you’re still using AVG, that will slow down your computer more than MSH…
Other factors are running too many processes and the specs of your computer - CPU and RAM
are determining factors.

In theory moving the archive to another drive might slow it down,since the computer now has to pay attention to another drive.
These changes are negligible to what AVG does to your system…

The procedure hasn’t changed, so I will refer you to your earlier post.

If there is something that you don’t understand, pinpoint that particular area
in your followup reply

In short - Close MailStore Home,
Move the whole archive folder to the other drive.
In fact, Copy it instead of moving - if something happens during the move,
you still have the original.
In your Start menu - under MailStore Home click MailStore Home -Configuration
There you click Choose archive and via the dialog panel navigate to the new location…
Everything is in the old Topic…

Peter E