Can't restore email to thunderbird

Can’t restore email to thunderbird, Mailstore Home can’t find Thunderbird on computer

Although I’ve never tried to do this, it also fails for me. The debug log shows this…

18:01:45.858 [26] INFO: Thunderbird profiles directory is C:\Users\Telos\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird
18:01:45.858 [26] INFO: Reading profiles.ini
18:01:45.858 [26] INFO: Found profile User. Directory: C:\Users\Telos\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\ei1hs9ek.Telos
18:01:45.860 [26] INFO: Notify:WriteLine 'Cleaning up...'
18:01:45.867 [26] EXCEPTION: Worker has thrown an exception.
	System.ApplicationException: MailStore was unable to access the profile .
	   at #UAb.#YNb..ctor(#7Ib appName, String profile)
	   at #MNb.#3Nb.#1Gb()
	   at #Xzb.#OMb.#LMb(#Dgb #BYf)
	   at #Xzb.#NMb.#pz()
	   at #gib.#fib.#4hb()

But the default /Mail/Local Folder is located at e:\Thunderbird\Profiles\ei1hs9ek.Telos

And this location works fine when archiving do “default”… but not when restoring to “default”, nor if I point MailStore to “e:\Thunderbird\Profiles\ei1hs9ek.Telos”


You obviously moved your profile to E:\ but don’t have write access privileges - only read.
Adjust it at least to read and write. More if wanted or needed.
Consult Thunderbird Help files on these topics. Moving profile and access.

Peter E.

Permissions had no effect.

The problem seems to be that when MailStore Home exports messages to Thunderbird, that it misidentifies the profile location as the default on the “c-drive” partition, regardless of where the profile exists. As you can see by the debug, MSH misidentified the correct location, “e-drive” where the “…/Local Folders” reside.

I hope you understood that I meant the profile on e:\ or E:\

Please read these 2 articles about Profiles:

The “move” wasn’t finished properly, so you have 2 profiles and MSH detects the old "default`
in AppData .

What happens if you point MSH to your profile on E ?
You mentioned

What is the error if you do?
You listed the error for C;\ but not for E:\

There is only one profile…

You listed the error for C;\ but not for E:\

This is all that MSH provides. It seems odd that when I archive my Thunderbird Local Folder using MSH defaults, that if finds the emails on “e-drive” without any effort.

But let me clarify my use of “profile” as it may be misleading having read the link you provided.

What I have done is simply edit the Location of Local Folders… so perhaps I have not changed the “profile” location. For example… here is the changed location setting…

So it appears that MSH restore is not finding this location, even though MSH archive does. I’m puzzled and appreciate your assistance.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t think just designating a new location equates- or is a substitute for- moving a Tb profile.
You’ll end up with the profile in 2 it is now.
Complete the move as described in the article.
After that both source and destination for MSH will be the same.
Also check the properties of the folders of TB on E:
Should be at least read and write… -also mentioned in the article.

I’m hampered by the fact that I don’t use Tb anymore and now work only from memory
and available Tb Help files and articles…

As I stated in my last post… Apparently I mispoke. I did not move my profile. I have only one profile location. My Local Folder location was changed from nesting under the profile on “c-drive/user/appdata/roaming…” to “e-drive”. When I archive my local folders with MSH, there is no issue finding my “profile” nor the location of my “Local Folders”.

Since you do not have a tbird installation, it is meaningless to go deeper here, as I believe you would find what the OP and I have stated to be the case.

MSH is broken when recovering Thunderbird messages as the OP to this thread announced. To the OP I apologize as I never intended to hijack this thread, but only to add a voice alongside the OP. Good nite all.

This may be un’related to what you’re experiencing, but recently when I tried to ‘Open in Thunderbird’… I also was prevented doing this, and was invited to create a NEW profile in Tbird to fix. Which I really didnt want to persue that idea !

I also have relied on a third party, fee based tool called Owl to deal with issues of Office365 mail server problems. I dont think the unability to open in Tbird has anything to do with Owl…but not 100% sure. I think it’s a version issue, where recent Tbird version(s) had changes, causing the issue.

The simple workaround I’m ok with is just to copy/paste full text from archived emails into new email… and go from there.


If Thunderbird is connected to a server-based mailbox of any sort (IMAP or Exchange) it will be best to export messages directly to that destination, bypassing Thunderbird completely. Thunderbird will then discover the message and load it normally. This bypasses a whole subset of issues which come into play when software such as MailStore talks to a mail client which itself needs to talk to an upstream server.