Cannot export GMAIL

Authentication failed. Check user name and password. The server returned: OAUTH: Bad authentication request (400)

But… I keep going through the authentication process successfully with my correct gmail address and password.

But… even though it says “application is authorized” if I “Test” it fails.

In other words. I correctly enter my gmail address and password. Mailstore says it is authorized. But then it fails.

I have tried loads of times.

Can anyone please offer any help?

Many thanks

Can anyone please help with this?

Hi @bob,
let’s clarify what combination of email address and what type of password you are using.

  1. Make sure to generate an application specific password (App Password). We have an article that explains how that is done. Link
  2. Ensure to use THAT specific application password (and use a different, complex password)

If you still fail, you should check your created application specific passwords and remove anything that was previously created - in order to start once more fresh.

I suspect that a wrong password was used.

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