Cannot Connect with

Each time that I attempt to connect to my account, I receive error messages such as ‘invalid login credentials’ and ‘user name and password incorrect’. Does anyone have the solution for this? I use a VPN - could that be the problem?

Hi @mango4444,

this issue has been already discusssed here several times.
Yahoo does not allow IMAP access by default, but you can set a specific permission by creating an “app-password” in Yahoo.

As an example, it has been described here:

Log in to your yahoo account, then go to your “Account Info” (point your cursor to you account name on the top right, you can find your account info). Then click Account Security and scroll down, you can see the “Other Ways to Sign In”, then click “Generate and manage apps password” and enter the Name apps “MailStore Home” and click generate password. Then it will give you the password. Save the password on you Notepad. Open your MailStore Home and click “Archive Email” on the left side (it will show the “Create Profile”. If you have your email your Profile Name, erase it and create an new one. You still use your yahoo email but the password you enter is the password that you save on you notepad. Reply to me if it goes through. I’ve done this on second time and it works.


Thank you – I was helped by this answer and appreciate it.

thank you for your clear and comprehensive answer