Cannot connect with my Yahoo Mail

MailStrore Home cannot connect with my Yahoo Mail

Hello @aca,

can you add some more information? What happened?
Did you receive an error message?

In case you receive a message that authentication failed,
please have a look at the following discussion, Yahoo needs extra settings to allow external applications to access the mailbox:

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I am having the same issue, can someone point me to right direction ?

Hi @eshamdas

It may be the same, but might also be different.

First of all - Have you read the whole thread?
Do you get the Yahoo mail directly or via an affiliate with Yahoo?

Login to your account and check Account information or Security settings,
Check for Connected apps or Authorized application
What you need is an App Password to be used for MalStore Home only,
instead of your regular password.
For Yahoo webmail you can still use your regular email address and password.

The whole story is in the thread above…including the supplied link

Peter E.