Cannot archive Yahoo Mail Alias account

I have three Yahoo mail accounts under one Yahoo management account.
My main account is “account_name@yahoo_com”. I have no problem archiving e-mails in this account.
I have two mail “alias” accounts with different “domains” hosted on Yahoo -” and “”.
I have tried several different ways to archive the e-mails from these accounts, but am unable to connect. I get messages like “A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time…”.

How can I archive these hosted Yahoo “alias” e-mail accounts?

Ok - solved it. The other e-mail accounts are only accessible through the “” server. By trial and error, I found that if I used POP3 and created app passwords for each of the other accounts, then I could manually set up the connection.
In the following “my business login” is my business e-mail address, e.g. “my_name @ mydomain . com”. - Not my primary Yahoo account, but the individual Yahoo business mail accounts.
The final working configuration setup was:
E-Mail Address: …my business login…
Access via: POP3-SSL x Ignore SSL Warnings
User Name: …my business login…
Password: …app password generate on Yahoo after logging into the “my business login” account

Leaving this question and answer in case it helps someone else to get their data from a Yahoo business mail account.