Backup Outlook with Profile Name

Had uses MS for making a backup of Windows LIve Mail on a broken Laptop. I migrated MS to the new Laptop and had all the old mail available. I configured Outlook again for the same accounts and so there I have all the new mail. How can I merge the new mail together with the old mail? The Outlook Profile name was on both devices the same as also the mail addresses with the same passwords. I DON’T want to lose the old mail but I want to make a BACKUP of the new mail and preferably with the same tool and if possible within the same db?

Hello @antaljanssen,

the MailStore Home archive is not just for one single mail address.
You can create multiple profiles to archive from different sources, remove profiles later and add new ones.
These are “presets” what to do.

MailStore Home will never remove mails from the archive because of a removed profile.
The profile will just not be available for the future anymore.

To show where mails were archived from, MailStore Home creates first level folders for each source type,
i.e. “Outlook PROFILENAME”, "" etc.
each folder will then contain what has been archived so far from the source.

So you say you previously had an archiving profile for Windows Live Mail.
Depending on the situation, creating a new profile for Outlook now will result in a new root folder “Outlook MAILADDRESS” and start archiving into it, but your former LIVE Mail content will still be present in a folder next to it.

All created root folders belong to the archive, such as “C:\Windows” and “C:\Program Files” are both on a physical drive C.

Did I understand your situation in its full potential?

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Hi Rebecca, thanks for the answer. In your example the name of the Outlook Profile has on both devices the same name, it’s by default called “Outlook” and also the e-mail address is the same but on the old pc1 its for example data until Aug. 1 and older and on the other pc2 its the data (for example) from Aug. 1 and newer.

I have migrated the mailstore db from pc1 tot pc2 but if I connect mailstore to my outlook account I want to be sure how it handles the mail profile. Does it add the data from pc2 to the already collected data from pc1 or does it replace the data? Or maybe it creates an account with exactly the same name as the already existing one and will load the data of pc2 in that db and not in the one that is holding the data of pc1?

MailStore Home creates a first level folder for each archiving source with a new name.
In the case the profile type (Outlook) and the profile name are exactly the same,
an already existing folder would be used/continued.

MailStore Home will never remove any content automatically from the archive unless you do so manually.
All the mails from your new Outlook environment will just be added to the archive.

Hi Rebecca, sorry to ask for some extra assurance; can I maybe make a backup of the actual old configuration before trying to add the new situation to MailStore? If I should do something stupid I always still have the original (old) situatie to fall back on. :wink:

Hi @antaljanssen,

sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation.
Having a backup before doing anything sensitive can never be a bad idea.
You can either use the backup feature in MailStore Home, or close it and manually copy the complete archive folder "usually “MailStore Home” in your documents folder) to a second place.

In case you did anything you want to revert then, just close MailStore Home, remove the current archive folder and copy the old content back to that place, gibing it the same name.
You would then have the previous state of it.