Back up data to external drive

I have archived my email and saved the file to my desktop. It is my understanding that I can now drag and drop that file onto my external drive. True? And if I need to restore that file if I have a crash, all my data (as of date of backup) will be preserved. True?

All set - looked online.

Why not just configure the external drive as the Mailstore Target, then it will have the archive automatically updated when Mailstore runs without the need to copy it?

By target, do you mean install Mailstore on the external drive?

Open Mail store using the configuration shortcut link and set your target where desired.

Thanks. I just don’t get the lingo (target) I guess. I have offloaded my archive folder to my wd external drive so I hope that will provide me with saved emails should I have a crash.

Just to clarify: If your computer hard drive (or some other serious computer fault ) destroyed all your work data, YES, that external saved data is still valid. Bear in mind, some malicious attacks like Ransomware can ruin anything attached to the computer.
Having fallen for this, I run a weekly Mailstore backup to an external drive, then disconnect it (with Windows permission) till next week. For me, Ransomware is a bigger threat than disk failure, which I see every few years.

Thanks for that - it clarifies. I do disconnect it after I do a backup to the external drive.

Hi, Sorry but I have the same query as Fran81, and do not understand the term ‘Target’
I have just run my first archive of 20 years of emails and I wanted it to go to my external drive, however it went to the laptop hard drive/onedrive and has almost consumed all my available storage.
I have backed up to the hard drive so can I get Mailstore to access the files from there when connected and delete the onedrive copies?

sadly it seems MAilstore home will ONLY back up to a local (not networked) drive.
You could connect a large, USB connected, drive and configure mailstore to use that, use
Startmenu.¦.Mailstore.Home.¦.MailStore Home - Configuration, select [Choose Archive] and point to the USB drive, it’s a good idea to create a Mailstore_Archive folder on the USB Drive to act as a base for the archive
If you are using a USB3 port it’s worth using a SSD hard disk, the speed is much better than a conventional drive

One other note, the MailStore Home - Configuration option only appears if you do a normal install of MailStore Home, you could instead use a Portable installation which places both the installer and data in one directory together, this is intended for use on a USB drive although you can copy the directory to a local hard drive or USB drive as needed.

Note that you must not run MailStore from a directory which is monitored by a real-time synchronization product such as OneDrive or Dropbox, these products will cause conflicts that will eventually result in data corruption (and worst of all, this can go unnoticed until you try to restore to a new system).