Article: Use multiple archives or merge archives


  1. Is it possible to open/use more than one archive simultaneously?
  2. Is it possible to merge multiple archives into a single one?


  1. MailStore Home can only access one archive at a time.
  2. Archives can be exported and imported into the current one.

Guide: Export archives and import into current archive

  1. Select the archive you want to export:

Start the “MailStore Home - Configuration”.
It can be found in your start menu.


  1. Select the location of the archive:


  1. Click [Start] to launch MailStore Home.

  2. On the left, select Export E-Mail:


  1. On the right, choose to export to filesystem:


  1. In the profile settings, select EML Files, “Alle Folders”:


  1. After clicking [Next] select the following settings, choose a destination and finish the configuration with [Next].


  1. Start the profile by double clicking it. All mails will be exported.

  2. Close MailStore Home and open it again with the destination archive (step 1-8).

  3. On the left, select Archive E-Mail:


  1. Create a new profile EML and MSG Files:


12: Select the source folder (where you exported the other ardhive before) and set it up as followed:


  1. Click [Next) and decide whether you would like to exclude folders or activate the option to delete the source files after importing. Finish the settings with [Next].

  2. Launch the profile by double clicking it. All mails from the former export will be imported into the current archive back into their known folders.

Repeat these steps for any old archives you want to merge into the current one. If you dare, you may also export all older archives following steps 1-8 (please choose a different destination folder for each export) and then import all exports repeating steps 9-14 in the current archive.

Further notes and information:

  • Product Version: MailStore Home 9 and higher

Just in case the “MailStore Home - Configuration” shortcut/tile is missing (or got lost).

You can recreate the shortcut. The key to open the configuration options is the parameter (/config) to be used when starting the application. I assume the default locations for the application:

  1. create a new shortcut (name it “MailStore Home - Configuration”) and place as TARGET the following

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\MailStore\MailStore Home\MailStoreHome.exe" /config
  2. use the “START IN:” value as follows:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\MailStore\MailStore Home"

As an example, in Windows 7 the properties may look as follows.