Article: Transferring your archive from MailStore Home to MailStore Server


Can I transfer a MailStore Home archive into MailStore Server, and vice versa?


Yes, you can. Here is how you transfer the emails from MailStore Home to MailStore Server.

Instructions: Home to Server

You can transfer your email archive in just a few steps into MailStore Server:

  1. Click on “Export E-Mail” and select “Directory (File System)”.
  2. Select the folder from where you wish to export email data.
  3. Select the folder to where you want to export the data.

Then you execute the export profile. Depending on the size of the archive this could take a while.
Once complete, you close MailStore Home.

In MailStore Server you click on “Archive E-Mail” and select “E-Mail Files” - “EML- and MSG-Files”.


Select “Single User” and follow the steps until you have to choose whose users archive the MailStore Home archive should be added to.

Instructions: Server to Home

Of course emails can be transferred from a MailStore Server archive into MailStore Home. You basically follow similar steps as outlined before:

  • Export the E-Mails in the format .eml with MailStore Server.
  • Import the data in .eml format into MailStore Home using an archiving job.

Further Reading and Information

  • Product Version: 9.8.2. (and up) MailStore Home / MailStore Server.
  • If “MailStore Export” has been selected when archiving within MailStore Server instead of “Single User”, an archive folder “default” will be created and shown beside the usual user archive folder.
    To merge those new archived mails into the already existing user archive folder, please rename the “default” folder into the name of the user archive folder. This will merge both archive folders.