Article: Remove Duplicates per Export and Import

IMPORTANT: First, make a backup of your data!

You should always have a current and valid backup of your archive!


What options do I have to remove duplicates from my MailStore Home archives?


To remove duplicates out of the MailStore Home archives, an export and import of .EML-Files can be used. During this process all archives will be exported as .EML-Files and imported into a newly created directory in MailStore Home. During this procedure MailStore Home is de-duplicating the archives.

Please follow the next steps to perform this action:

Please create a Backup of all your current archives and databases before you change anything!

  1. Create a new folder on e.g.: C:\ExportMail

  2. Startup MailStore Home and go to “Export E-mail”

  3. Choose “Directory (File System)” within the “E-mail Files” section.

  4. Check “EML Files“(as shown below) and make sure that “All Folders“(as shown below) are highlighted to export all archive folders.


  5. Click the “Next” button and in the “Target Folder” field, go ahead and browse to the folder that you created earlier in step #1. After selecting the target folder, click “next” again.

  6. Now execute the created export profile to export all mails as EML-Files to the defined location

  7. After finishing the export, close down MailStore Home completely

  8. Go to, "Start-All Programs-MailStore Home-MailStore Home Configuration”

  9. A new window will open up where you can see your current MailStore Home path

  10. Please choose “Create archive…”


  11. Create a new storage location for the archives

  12. Click the “Start” button and MailStore Home will start pointing to the newly created location that is empty.

  13. To import the earlier exported mails into the new created archive please go to "Archive E-Mail“ and choose “EML and MSG Files” in the “E-mail Files” section.

  14. In the field labeled “Folder” choose the folder created in step #1 where the exported mails are located and take the defaults beneath as shown in the screenshot below. Click next and then finish.


  15. Execute the profile that was created.

Subsequently all exported mails will be imported and moved to the archive folders within MailStore Home.

Further Reading and Information

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