Article: PC changes (standard email client, Thunderbird/Outlook profiles)

I moved MailStore Home to a new PC or the configuration of my email clients (Outlook/Thunderbird) has changed. Now archiving, exporting or “open in…” does not work anymore.


  • Microsoft Outlook can have more than one profile. The first one is generated automatically during install and is usually called “Outlook”. In the case the original profile “Outlook” has been removed, the settings in an archiving/exporting profile originally set up do not fit anymore.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (and Seamonkey) also creates a profile, called “default” and is capable of handling more than one profile. Once another profile was created, the “default” might not be accurate anymore or even removed.
    Background: in updates between Thunderbird 50 to 64,there was a known bug where “default” could not be modified and a separate “default-release” would be created


Archiving profile not funtioning anymore:


Navigate to “Archive E-Mails” in the left pane and right click on the affected profile. Clicking with the left mouse button, select “Properties”.


With the arrow down on the right side of “Profile:”, select the proper/new profile from the updated profile list. Then click on “Next” a few times to “Finished”, unless you would like to change any other settings on the way.
Then launch the profile again. It should now finish successfully.

Export profile not functioning anymore:
Right click on the profile in “Export E-Mails” and select “Properties”.


By clicking on the arrow down next to the box “Profiles:”, select the appropriate profile from the updated list.
Finish the profile by clicking “Next” to “Finish”.
Now the profile should be execeutable again without issues.

"Open with …" does not function anymore:

In an email preview, select “E-Mail-Client:”:


Select the desired client program again.
Then the buttons “Open in …” and “Restore to …” should function as expected again.