Article: MailStore Home Upgrade

IMPORTANT: First, make a backup of your data!

You should always have a current and valid backup of your archive!

If MailStore Home is already installed, you have two options to do the upgrade:

You might be able to start the upgrade process within MailStore Home and follow the instructions:

  1. Simply visit the “Dashboard” and check if the Download and Install link is available:

  2. Once downloaded, follow the upgrade process as outlined below.

  3. First you will be presented with the License Agreement and Privacy Policy screen:

  4. Once accepted, the update will be started (you see a progress window), and a finish screen will show once all is done. Finally, click: Finish

Or you download the installer from the website and do a manual installation:

  1. Run the setup, read carefully the license agreement and privacy policy, and if in agreement, continue the installation by clicking Next

  2. You will be prompted to select the installation location: MailStore Home can be installed on this computer or on removable media as a portable version. Select and click Install

  3. Once the setup is complete, click on Finish

  4. MailStore Home may ask you to upgrade the archive database and related files. Press OK if you agree, but remember to have a backup of your data before you do the upgrade.

  5. After successfully upgrading you can close the confirmation window.

  6. Finally, you can choose to let MailStore Home search for updates automatically, and allow to submit anonymous usage data for future product improvements.

  7. Click Finish and you are ready to work with the new MailStore Home version.

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