Article: Known symptoms when archiving Yahoo mailbox

If your archiving process is canceled with the error message “The IMAP-Server has returned an error.”, this article might be of interest to you.

Symptom / Error:

The archiving process with a Yahoo!-mailbox is interrupted and MailStore Home is returning the IMAP error message: “The IMAP Server has returned an error”. In addition, you may see one of the following additional messages together with the error message:

  • UID FETCH Temporary failure on server [CODE: WBL] (NO).
  • UID FETCH Server error while fetching messages (NO).
  • UID FETCH Server error -Please try again later (NO).
  • UID FETCH Rate limit hit (NO).

Analysis / Background:

This is a known error message when you are trying to archive from a Yahoo!-mailbox.
In addition, this message can also be seen when a connection is interrupted exactly after one hour.
Unfortunately “Yahoo!” tend to slow down the client connection for IMAP and POP3, with a random error message. When using MailStore Home this may lead to a failure when archiving the currently processed folder.

Solution / Workaround:

There are few items you may want to review and test to resolve or workaround the symptom:

  1. In order to successfully archive a “Yahoo!” mailbox or emails from another provider, the process may need to be started several times. Eventually, since MailStore Home recognizes already archived emails, the process will finish successfully.
  2. In case this does not help, you should set up multiple archiving profiles, where each profile archives only a subset of the folder structure. This will actually split the amount of time the archiving takes per archiving profile.
  3. Finally, you have an option to split folders where you have a huge amount of emails stored in several folders with smaller amounts. This will reduce the folder sizes and speed up the archive time. Additional remarks and information:

Further Reading and Information

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