Article: Error after upgrading to Version 10: Dynamic SQL Error Code 206

Symptom / Error-Message

In rare situations, when updating MailStore Home to version 10, an error message like below may show:

Database error, code: 335544569, dynamic SQL error, code -206
Column unknown
At line 1, column 8

What is it, or what is the root cause?

This occurs while trying to update and encrypt the archive store to the new database version.

Can this be fixed?

If there is a file named MailStoreFileGroup.fdb.TEMP3 in the archive store directory, please proceed as follows to make the archive store usable again


  1. Rename the file MailStoreFileGroup.fdb.TEMP3 to MailStoreFileGroup.fdb

  2. Remove the file MailStoreFileGroup.fdb.TEMP2

  3. Remove the file MailStoreFileGroup.fdb.key
    Note: DO NOT REMOVE MailStoreFileGroup.key

  4. Enable the debug log before starting another upgrade. This is in order to help analyze the root of the issue if it occurs again. To do this please run MailStore Home - Configuration from your Windows Start Menu.

    • Select Debug as Start Mode and click on Start .
    • In the background you should already notice the debug.log’s directory.
  5. Now let MailStore Home update its database again.

Once this completes without any errors you can close MailStore Home to deactivate the logging of debug information. In case you run into an error situation please let one of the MailStore staff know. We may then open a support ticket with you separately to investigate your situation.

Further Reading and Information

  • Product Version: MailStore Home
  • Article: Creating a DEBUG-LOG file
  • Note: If you are asked by MailStore Support staff to send this file, please make sure you have received the technician’s support ticket number and instructions through a direct message. As a rule, the MailStore Support employee would first create a support ticket to which you can respond to.
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