Article: Creating a two-step verification password for GMAIL IMAP on MailStore Home


How can I secure the access between MailStore and Google Mail (Gmail)?


Since it is not always obvious how to configure MailStore Home as a secure application under a Google Mail (GMAIL) account using IMAP-SSL, protected by a two-step verification, you might find this article useful.

Setting up MailStore Home as secure application with GMAIL is basically a three step process:

  1. In MailStore Home create an IMAP profile:
    a. Provide your email address, then use the “Start” to get going. A dialog will open.
    b. Enter IMAP, SSL, and your email address/user name.
    c. Do NOT enter the password.
  2. Open a web browser and login to your Google (Mail) Account. Then visit Google pages:
    a. :globe_with_meridians: Mail-Settings - Ensure that IMAP access is activated.
    b. :globe_with_meridians: 2-Step-Verification - Activate this for your account to increase security
    c. :globe_with_meridians: App Passwords - Create an App Password for the MailStore Home application:
    • Select from the left drop-down ‘Select app’ the item ‘Other (Customized name)
    • Provide a descriptive name like “MailStore Home
    • Confirm the creation with “Generate
    • There is no need to save the 16-digit code (on the yellow field) that is shown, however it is needed in the next step. Copy the 16-digit code.
  3. In MailStore Home use the App Password as the GMAIL account password and save the archiving profile.

This method allows you to use a two-step verification without the need to enable MailStore Home as a less secure application under Google Mail.

MailStore Home archiving profile creation:

Google Mail Settings - IMAP:

App Password creation steps:
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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