Article: Creating a GMAIL Archiving Profile


How do I connect MailStore Home to my Google Mail (GMAIL) account and create an archiving profile?


The setup, authorization and archiving of emails stored in GMAIL is straight forward in MailStore Home. The following steps will help you get going to connect to your GMAIL account and archive your emails. The basic sequence is as follows:

  • Create a new Archiving Profile in MailStore Home and initiate a GMAIL connection
  • Authorize via an internet browser window in GMAIL
  • Test the MailStore Home connection to GMAIL
  • Finalize the settings in MailStore Home and start the archiving profile


Install or update to MailStore Home version 11.2.1 (or later), then do the following:

  • Start MailStore Home and select on the left pane “Archive E-mail”

  • In the right pane of the Profiles section you are going to create an additional archiving profile entry

  • Click on the button drop-down button [Advanced] and select Gmail, then follow the screens below:

  • Enter your Gmail email address, then click the [Authorize]…

  • This should open up your preferred internet browser window and refers you to Gmail´s authorization page, already showing the email address you entered in MailStore Home. Click [Next]

  • Enter your password for the email account access. Click [Next]

  • Gmail will ask you to read and confirm the access to your account. It will also list what application, here MailStore Home, will get the access. Click [Allow] if trust the application and if you agree.

  • A simple confirmation text will now show in the browser windoe, which should confirm that “Authorization is completed”. Well done. You can close the browser now.

  • Back on MailStore Home it will also be reflected if all was well received in the application. To verify click [Test] now and see if the message dialog box will show up. If all is fine, click [OK] on that dialog.

  • If the test was successful, click [Next] to start configuring your archiving profile settings. For simplicity the below example keeps everything on the defaults. When you are done, click [Finish]

  • A final information message dialog will show you the creation of a new profile. Click [OK] to continue in MailStore Home.

  • In order to execute the first nely created archiving profile simply start the profile. Once archiving is successfully completed, you will see something like below:

Further Reading and Information

  • To show text formatted archiving profile config data: Press SHIFT-CTRL-P while profile is highlighted
  • Product Version: v11.2.1 and later