Article: Creating a DEBUG-LOG file


How to create a debug log file for support purposes?


If a symptom can be reproduced you can create a ‘Debug-Log’ file by following the below instructions.
A debug-log file can provide support relevant information when searching for the root cause of an issue or problem with MailStore Home, or when reviewing error messages originating from connected or involved applications or systems.


MailStore Home Local Installation
To create the debug log file please do the following in MailStore Home (v9.7 and up):

  • Close the MailStore Home application
  • Start > MailStore Home folder > open “MailStore Home - Configuration” (tile, folder)
  • In section “Additional Settings” select as “Start Mode” the ‘Debug’ option instead of ‘Normal’, then [Start] MailStore Home
  • Repeat your actions that cause an error (e.g. “Check Data Integrity”, under “Maintenance” in “Administrative Tools”)
  • Close MailStore Home
  • The log file should be in the directory “C:\ProgramData\MailStore Home Debug Log” (if C: is your system drive)
  • The “Start Mode” of MailStore Home will switch back automatically

MailStore Home Portable:
To create the DEBUG-LOG file in MailStore Home Portable please do the following:

  • Close the application MailStore Home
  • Press and hold the SHIFT key during the start of MailStore Home
  • Select in the new window under “Start Mode” the value “Debug” (instead of “Normal”) and start MailStore Home through the button [Start]
  • MailStore Home will open and also show the folder where all debug protocols will be saved to
  • Do the intended activities to record debug information in a new DEBUG-LOG file
  • Finally, close MailStore Home in order to stop the debug-log file creation

The log-file is in text format - if you are technically skilled you can review the log for any hints that might help troubleshoot the issue or error message.

Further Reading and Information

  • If you are asked by MailStore Support staff to send this file, please make sure you have received the technician’s support ticket number and instructions through a direct message. As a rule, the MailStore Support employee would first create a support ticket to which you can respond to.
  • Please do not post the log file in the community. It may contain sensitive information you do not want to share in public!
  • Product Version: v9.7 and later
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