Article: Create or choose a new archive location


How do I create a new archive location, or choose another one?


If the archive location of MailStore Home is damaged or needs to be changed due to any reason, please follow these steps to create a new archive location:

  • Close MailStore Home completely. You can verify if the application is really shut-down by using the Windows Task Manager.
  • Go to Start > All Programs / All Apps and open the folder MailStore Home
  • In this folder you can find two Windows application shortcuts:
    Please choose the shortcut MailStore Home - Configuration

MSH Configuration Shortcut

Once the application is launched, you will see the following dialog called ‘MailStore Home’.

MSH Configuration Location Dialog

The current archive location is shown at label Directory:

The default location for MailStore Home is the path: C:\Users\Username\Documents\MailStore Home

To change the path, click on Choose Archive

  • In the dialog you can choose the new location and save it.

If you want to create a new archive location, click on Create Archive.

  • A dialog opens and shows a list of folders. Here you can create a new folder to store the new archive. It means that from that point in time onwards MailStore Home will include and save all MailStore databases and archives in that location.

You can now close this application dialog using (“Quit”) or start the application MailStore Home (“Start”) again.

Further Reading and Information:

  • Product Version: v9 and up.