Archiving multiple gmail acounts in batch mode

I have 3 gmail accounts I am archiving weekly in batch mode (command line).

Currently, the program runs archiving for a single account and stops. I must close the progress window and the MailStore, before next command line for the next mailbox is executed.
Is there a way to run Multiple instances of MailStore on the same PC, one for each mailbox? Or a way for the MailStore to close automatically after arching is finished?


Hi Boris,

You asked:

Maybe there is for MailStore (server) but as a volunteer I can only give you a provisional answer.

So far as I’m aware - Batch mode, CL and scripting are not officially supported for MailStore Home .
While not expressly forbidden, don’t expect direct support from MailStore Engineering.
You’re on your own with those kinds of operations.

I doubt that MSH can use multi-threading for concurrent multiple profile archiving.

You’ll just have to find a way to vary your script to include the now missing events ------------------
if they can be within MSH.

Sorry, I can’t help you with this - but this forum is user assisted,with occasional
help from MS Engineering.
Considering the COVID-19 situation, their efforts are concentrated towards paying customers…

Peter E.

PS - what may work is 3 separate portable “installations”…
They will run independently and simultaneously.
Not ideal but possible.