Archiving from Outlook or other email accounts

If I archive my emails from Outlook into MailStore, will these emails remain in Outlook of are they deleted and transferred to MailStore?


Hi Hilton

The emails remain in Outlook.
MailStore (Home) doesn’t delete messages when archiving, it only copies them.
That’s true for an email client as well as for webmail.

For extra safety make a backup from within MSH so you’ll have another copy,
preferably to another location outside - off your system drive.


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Thanks very much for your response Peter.
Best regards, Hilton

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Thank you for the feedback .
A couple of things to remember - somewhat obvious :slight_smile:
Don’t run a backup, while an archiving job is still running and vice versa.
Exclude the archive from being scanned by an AV or other security program.
Make that a permanent setting in the AV program.

Don’t run another backup program while MSH is open and active.
MSH requires exclusive access .to the archive.
There are many other programs that do intensive scanning, like Search, Duplicate finders,
file/folder change monitors etc etc.
Take care of the archive and it will "take care’’ of you when you need it…

Have a great weekend.


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Is there a way in MailStore Home edition to automatically archive received and sent emails?

Hi, there is, but not supported by MailStore Home (MailStore)
see the answer by @Rebecca



Hi @wtr29874,

what do you mean by “ran on schedule”?
MailStore Home does not offer scheduling.

In this thread

i.o.w you’ll be doing this at your own risk…

Peter E.

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