A great idea - and it WORKS!

I’ve been using this product for a while. One issue I had was that because of an odd situation I am unable to use IMAP email on my own personal domains email, so on 2 different computers the email is different. It’s difficult to sync email using POP as it actually downloads the email.

I had been using Mailstore Home portable on a USB stick and carrying it back and forth between the 2. It works but is clumsy.

I had an idea to put the Mailstore Home app and DB on my Google drive. I tried it and it works well. I can archive the email, let it sync on Google drive and then read / search it on my other PC.

Some caveats. You cannot use the app on both computers at once, it may work for just searching but just by opening the app I think it alters the data somehow, and doing it on 2 different PCs it’s going to get messed up. I only use one computer at a time and have the other shut down.

You need to make sure and give Google drive enough time to sync the data before shutting the computer down, failing to do this will screw your DB up pretty badly.

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I have the same issue and, like you, have been using a memory stick. Thanks for posting your alternative with details on how not to screw things up.

Hope it works for you too. I would find that I went to check a response to an email, then realize I sent the response from my OTHER PC. Or the original email itself was.

IMAP is absolutely terrible on my domain host, POP works great. But dealing with switching between PC and laptop is a bitch. This makes it a bit better. I can call up the message in MSH and export it to my present computer to deal with it. As long as I remember to index it I’m cool.

Just a minor ‘hack’ in a long list of stupid ‘hacks’ I’ve done to make my situation a little bit better.

You ought to see what I did to deal with Google eliminating sync between Photos and Drive, it’s a doozy!

Please keep in mind that MailStore is not supported when running on a Google Drive.
The risk of a Data-Loss is high, when you use this unsupported way.

Yes, I noted the caveats in my original post. And to me the risks far outweigh any potential issues. Should it corrupt I can simply recreate it, so not a big issue there. And I regularly back up my Google drive to a series of USB drives anyway, so I can always restore from one of those backups.

It works, and works well, so like I said, it’s a stupid ‘hack’ that may backfire. But till then it sure is nice having access to the same Thunderbird email no matter what PC I am on.