A couple of questions from newbie

After having lost all of my webmail emails a couple of days ago (thankfully restored by my server), I am looking for a backup solution. I use webmail, not a client, though I did use Eudora for many years, and have old emails nicely stored there in easily accessible files. However, for many years it’s been webmail only, and I need to get it into my computer, inbox and sent files, and attachments, and easily viewable. So, I’m giving MailStore a try right now

I’m ready to hit GO and have chosen IMAP SSL, but before I do that, because of the trauma of having lost everything, I need to be assured that MailStore will never delete anything from my server. I know this is true but I need to be told again. Nothing will be deleted from my webmail server (which I will continue to use),
Also, are file attachments downloaded and stored in a folder?
Thanks for reassurance. I really hope this is my solution!

Yes, inbox about 30,000 outbox 16,000. I downloaded th 30,000 yesterday with no problem. I can always call them and ask. When I downloaded (cached not saved) my SENT folder by IMAP using Eudora, it only brought in about 700 emails of 16,000. I don’t know why. I am hoping to get all 16000.

If they did happen to have a restriction, what does that mean in terms of using MailStore?

Isn’t the outbox a folder containing emails just like any other folder?

I really appreciate your support!! I’ll keep you posted.